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Best burger and fries I've had in a long time. - Johanna D.

I've had the best burger I've ever eaten here in Canon City and it came from this great place! OH! and then there's the funnel cake!! Scrumptious! - Leonor S.

Great cheeseburger with

jalapeños and bacon! The onion rings were great. And I like the new ideas

you come up with.

Great job! - David B.

great food, great service,
very friendly. I highly
recommend this place
- Tonya J.

The cheeseburgers and hot dogs are great but I've fallen in love with the grilled cheese with onion rings for the side and you can never go wrong with a funnel cake for dessert. - Tina P.

Always look forward to the quality and home cooked flavors and presentation of the food items. Ten steps above what you may think of from a food truck. The balance of flavors create an explosion in your mouth. My favorite item on the fun menu is the Loaded Nachos. Can become very addictive. Best of all, the owners treat you like family. - Paula T.

Best burger I've had in Fremont County; easy to get to location for the food truck in the Office Depot parking lot; super friendly service. - Sue M.

Greatest burgers on Earth guaranteed. The bun to beef ratio is perfect. Not too much bun, just enuff to get it to your month. Flavored to perfection. The first bite will make your tummy frowl and make you wonder if you should have bought 2 of them...ENJOY! - Mark H.

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