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Our Story

Our Story

It all started in September 2019 when we lost everything. We lost of jobs, our home, cars, and, most importantly, we lost our way. It was hitting rock bottom that made us re-evaluate our lives and what we wanted for our family. It was time to chase our dreams. So, we took our savings and bought a camper (so we would never be homeless), and a used,

beat up food trailer (so we would never be without a job). Dan's dream was to have his own food truck one day. No time like the present.

Dan has had 25+ years of experience. He has always had a passion for cooking. It started as a young boy, with his mom teaching him everything she knows. He even attended a kids cooking class at the age of 9. Dan has worked in a variety of restaurants, even running a kitchen with the ability to create the menu and let his creativity show in his dishes. Through this experience, Dan took second place in a BBQ contest and was also featured in a magazine for his food.

Tracy is a creative person, who enjoys helping others. She has 15+ years of experience in the hospitality industry, which include college courses. Her true passion is creating things, bringing her visions to life and sharing it with others. She has been creating handmade items and selling them since 2015. From candles, to signs, face masks, shirts, bags, and anything else she can think up. She also enjoys volunteering, event planning, and traveling.

Together, Dan and Tracy have 2 kids. Konrad is 21 years old and lives close by. Mackenzie

is 10 years old and enjoys helping on the truck. As a family, they love to travel and see new, exciting things. They made it appoint to try new dishes and local cuisine where ever they go. The take part in new adventures.

The Butcher's Kitchen is a family owned and operated establishment. Dan and Tracy take great pride in their food and their business. To try their food, follow them on social media or check out their site to find out where they will be in the upcoming week.

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